Conor's 1 Month Photo Shoot

I can hardly believe that Conor is already 1 month old. It went by so fast. He gets sweeter by the day and he is growing just beautifully. With his blue eyes, fair skin and kissable cheeks it is easy to see why he has been nicknamed "Sir Smush". Per usual, he was my perfect little model for his 1 month photo shoot. Check it out.
Blue Eyed Boy
 Sir Smush
 Dreaming of milk and boobies
I bet he is wondering what the heck we are doing to him and questioning why he is in a wooded crate of sorts. Conor
 His sparkly blue eyes are amazing. Orly and I could actually see our reflection in his eyes.
 This is my new prop for my photo shoots. My Mom saw it and picked it up for me and it is just perfect! I can use it for all different ages. I love it.
 Happy Family
 Ever wonder how many kisses we give our babies a day?
 Love these 3!
Mmmm...let me ponder that
 Deep thoughts
 All tuckered out