Another Beautiful Mama-To-Be

Last week I had the pleasure of doing another maternity shoot. I really enjoy doing these. It is so fun to talk pregnancy and babies with these glowing mamas to be while taking their pictures.
Kristin as you will see below is a beautiful girl. Her striking green eyes, long lashes, adorable freckles and perfect complexion all shine through in her photos.  She is due in 8 weeks and her belly is just perfect. She is having a girl and she seems calm, excited and ready for this amazing new journey.  We had fun doing the shoot in her room where she had the most natural light. She has a gorgeous apartment overlooking the marina which made for a great backdrop.  I love shooting in people’s homes. They are just so natural and at ease in their own space. My favorite shots are the ones where she put on one of her husband’s white collared shirts. So beautiful and effortlessly sexy. Her good friend and mutual friend of mine, Rachel came over to be a part of the fun and to help style the shoot. Rachel has a great eye and I loved being able to  capture Kristin giggling as she and Rachel engaged in girl talk.
Kristin looks just perfect in a casual white v-neck t-shirt. Not too done up. Simple, classic, clean and gorgeous.
This was one of Kristin's favorites as well as mine. I love the way she is gazing out at the marina. 
 I mean...could she look more at ease? I think not! So relaxed and adorable!

 Loved Rachel's idea to let the bra strap hang off her shoulder like this.
 I loved her pretty pink lace bra and it is magic when she giggles. So glad I captured her this way.
 Look at that perfect belly!
 Our mutual friend Rachel
 I love working with draped fabric. It shows the natural beautiful shape of a woman's body.

She spontaneously jumped off the bed and ran into the closet to grab one of her husband's white collared shirts and we snapped a few. I love this look.

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