The Roshangah Family

The Roshangah Family is just the sweetest. They have a 2 year old daughter Ariana and just had another baby girl named Mila who was such a trooper for her first photo shoot and did a great job. Mila was born a couple hours before my nephew Conor and so I will never forget the day 6-20-13.
I photographed them in their home.  Mila is only 4 weeks old now (3 weeks old when we took the shots) and the family was still all cozy staying in getting used to becoming a family of 4. Ariana, the big sister is full of spunk and kept me on my toes. She has such a beautiful smile and she is a total Daddy’s girl. Mila has the sweetest little face with long long long lashes (I'm jealous) and she loves her pacifier and being held tightly by her Mom and Dad. We moved around a lot photographing in all different parts of their beautiful home and got some really sweet shots.