My Little Trendsetters

Good morning Friends and Followers! I have a great new website for you to check out. They sell the cutest baby/kid clothes and they are really affordable. I love to get my kids new clothes but dont want to spend a fortune on each piece. With this company/website I can get a bunch of stuff for under $100 and they are right on trend. They have great stuff for girls, but lets face it, cute girl clothes are easy, right? This place however has really cute boy stuff also!  I got both of my boys the distressed jeans with suspenders and we decided to do a little mini photo shoot last night post bath. Check it out!

How does he know to put his hands in his pocket? Beats me! Sure is my boy though!
 Barefoot, rolled and cuffed jeans and suspenders hanging to the sides. So cute!
 As my boys always say "Mama, shake your bootie" I love that these jeans are so soft and cozy. They aren't those stiff kinds that the kids cant move around in.
 Very happy in his new jeans