My Shoot With Dylan Rose Fried

Meet Dylan Rose Martin. The sweetest little girl you ever did see. I have been wanting to photograph her ever since she was born. I did her Mom's maternity shots and have been following Dylan's life so far (6 months) on Instagram. She is such a happy baby, so content and easy to photograph. Her beautiful round face and big eyes and kissable cheeks are even cuter in person if you can imagine that. Kristin (Mom) wanted to get her husband (Andrew) something for his birthday and when she asked him what he wanted he said he wanted to have photos taken with his two girls (how sweet is that?)...and so my chance to photograph them finally came:)
It was a perfectly casual shoot in their lovely new home. Dylan was great, such a sweet spirit. 
 Kristin and Andrew are clearly smitten and it's not hard to see why.


  1. Beautiful and captivating work, Avia! You never fail to move me with your photos.