The Melores Comes to California

The Melore family lives across the country and I have only been able to spend time with them a handful of times in my life, but I feel like we are so close somehow. We are family after all. We share in our love for Orly, Mike & Conor . They are our common denominator. Leigh traveled across the country with her three beautiful children, Kevin, Katie & Jack (NY Jack we call him). They stayed with Orly and Mike and bonded with the newest member of our family, Conor. This trip was all about spending time together, enjoying the beautiful CA weather and just loving on Conor. Her kids are so amazing. They clicked with my boys instantly and it was so fun to watch them play together all day. We were lucky enough to squeeze in a photo shoot during their visit. I haven’t worked with kids this age in awhile and I forgot how wonderfully cooperative they can be. Don’t get me wrong, I love photographing and chasing babies and toddlers, but big kids are just way easier. Check out a few shots from our late afternoon photo shoot.