Hallmark and the Noreen Fraser Fund

I was honored to be asked to share my personal story in beating breast cancer on Hallmark Channel's Show, Home & Family
I haven't been public about my journey, so this was a little out of my element... but I was honored to be there. 
The Noreen Fraser Foundation is such an amazing cause and the Home & Family crew couldn't have been more welcoming.
These photos were all taken with my sister's cell phone, but 
I will be posting more later so stay tuned!!

This was during the rehearsal. 
That is the makeup artist, Amy Rittiner, who gave me my "Spring Refresher."
She was such a sweetheart. 

This was just before the show went LIVE! 
They taped this episode with a Live Audience and we were on the Universal Lot, 
so every few minutes a tram of tourists on the Universal Studios Tour would drive by and stare :) 

Here is a bit from the interview segment. 
I had my very pregnant sister there with me for support!

Oh joy....A close up.

Amy working her magic.

And that's a wrap!! 
Thank you so much to the whole Home & Family crew, The Noreen Fraser Fund and Wet n' Wild Cosmetics for making this such a great day.