Fab Solo Shoot

My good friend Dee called me up on Wednesday night and said
"Slim chance, but any way you might be available tomorrow night for quick shoot?"
She knew she had somewhere to go and would be looking her best so she wanted some pics of herself, we've all been there right?

I had no coverage for the boys and wasn't sure if I could pull it off.
However, I can never turn down an opportunity to photograph my favorite fashionista.
She is a ridiculously talented designer and blogger, and is in the know of all things "in."
Whether it be clothes, home design, places to go or foods to eat, You name it, Dee has her finger on the pulse.
Check her out at murphydeesign.com.

So I rolled over there (boys in tow) and we did the shoot as quickly as we could.
She said she was really uncomfortable "posing" and it made her feel awkward... "I am not model-y", she said.
But look at the results, you'd never know it!
We just walked around her neighborhood, no big sets or locations.
We got 118 great photos in a quick and painless 30 minutes.