Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site

We are in the midst of some construction on our house and the boys like to run wild throughout the place. They love to drive by every few days to check on the progress. So after work one day we went over there, camera in tow of course. My mom was there with me watching them and I was able to capture a few shots while she made sure they stayed safe amongst all the rubble. 
 Such a good helper
 It's always fun to play inside a wheelbarrow, right? It sure does make for some fun pictures.
 All tangled up
Playing inside our awesome vintage windows that my Mom found at a salvage yard. I cant wait to see them installed.
As you can see Teddy uses his bottle as a pacifier. He just sucks on it without even drinking milk. Wont put the darn thing down.
 Tickles from Omalay
 Tough Guy!
 Hard Hat. Must stay safe!
Thumbs up for a great time!