The Birth of My Nephew

This day couldn't come fast enough. We were all so excited and so anxious for Orly & Mike to have their baby. Even Jack (my 4 year old) kept asking about his arrival and wanted to make sure that Conor would "like cars" so that they could play together.
It was a beautiful evening as they went to the hospital just a few blocks from where they live. Orly was 5 days overdue at this point and they were ready to get this show on the road!
After already being in labor for about 20 hours, on the cusp of midnight Orly began to push and we wondered will he be born June 19th or 20th?
At exactly 12:18 am on June 20th, Conor Haim Murphy came into this world. He is 6 pounds and 15 ouces of 100% pure sweetness and it was love at first sight for all of us.
I was so honored to be in the labor and delivery room with them and of course I had to take pictures to help them remember this amazing moment.
I have never seen Orly as content and as happy as she was later that morning with Mike by her side and Conor in her arms. She said, "Avia, you are right the pain just doesnt matter, I already dont remember." Mike said "ya right, we will see when I ask you for baby #2"
Please join me in congratulating Orly & Mike on their beautiful and healthy baby boy, the craziest and most gratifying journey starts now...

 So excited to have their baby!
 Orly and I about 6 hours before Conor was born
 Laughing in Labor. This is of course before the real pain kicked in.
 We watched this monitor all night long tracking her progress
 Dr. G!
 Mike never left her side
 Of course we had to make bets on how big Conor would be. I was way off. What was I thinking?
Conor-About 1 minute old
The doctors quickly took Conor to check everything and clean him up and Mike and Orly just took a moment to absorb what just happened.

 I took this picture of Conor and Mike when he was about 5 minutes old. He grasped onto Daddy's finger right away.
Getting to know his boy.
 And finally...they could all 3 be together.
 Oh, hello there handsome!
 Omalay holding Conor for the first time. This makes Grandson #3 for her.
 That face! I can't take it.
I might steal him and add him to my crew of boys at home:)
 Happy Dad!
 And baby makes 3
Pretty crazy about him already. Just saying...
 So peaceful 
Conor Haim Murphy
Born 6-20-13 at 12:18 am
6 pounds 15 ounces
21 inches long

My Beautiful, Glowing, Pregnant Little Sister

In the spirit of what may be Orly's last day of her pregnancy I want to feature her and her beautiful belly! We had planned to go to this cool outdoor spot to do her shoot but when I got to her place to pick her up we just started shooting and got so many good ones that we never made it to our intended location.  The natural light in her place, her comfort and ease of being in her own home and just being able to run around barefoot all made her the most natural, beautiful and glowing mother-to-be and a true joy to photograph! It was really special for me to capture her in this way...about to embark on the most rewarding, challenging and fulfilling journey.  Here are a few of my favorite shots.

Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site

We are in the midst of some construction on our house and the boys like to run wild throughout the place. They love to drive by every few days to check on the progress. So after work one day we went over there, camera in tow of course. My mom was there with me watching them and I was able to capture a few shots while she made sure they stayed safe amongst all the rubble. 
 Such a good helper
 It's always fun to play inside a wheelbarrow, right? It sure does make for some fun pictures.
 All tangled up
Playing inside our awesome vintage windows that my Mom found at a salvage yard. I cant wait to see them installed.
As you can see Teddy uses his bottle as a pacifier. He just sucks on it without even drinking milk. Wont put the darn thing down.
 Tickles from Omalay
 Tough Guy!
 Hard Hat. Must stay safe!
Thumbs up for a great time!

Teddy Time

It was late afternoon and the light was flooding our place. There was this amazing golden hue seeping into all of the rooms. Teddy was in a particularly playful mood and I grabbed my camera...
 He has the same "cheese" face as Jack

Look at his hair. What should I do with it?

The cheek smush
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